Jugar Para Ayudar (JPA) is a non-profit organization created by Douglas Quiñónez, in October 2015. Douglas grew up in a very poor and humble environment, which is why he identifies with low-income people and families in extreme economic need, who seeks to help in the best way possible. Jugar Para Ayudar was born with the idea of raising funds through soccer tournaments with the purpose of helping less fortunate families (low income) and as part of the commitment to Jugar Para Ayudar (JPA) is to be able to satisfy in the best way possible all the deficiencies of the most needy. Part of the help that (JPA) provides to these families are medicine, food, clothing, personal hygiene products, and sometimes with financial donations. We also focus on education in order to create educational opportunities for the youth of our communities, apart from helping them stay away from drugs by giving them the opportunity to practice sports.

  • To be able to supply the deficiencies of each family or person of low resources according to their needs.

  • To be a non-profit organization recognized for helping to improve the lives of less fortunate families through soccer tournaments

  • To fill all the possible deficiencies of families with extreme need. Create educational opportunities for young people. Keep young people away from drugs through sports.

  • Create a football school for the benefit of children, youth and adults. Foster links between artists and the organization. Involve all media to support the organization. Raise awareness of the importance of cooperation and help.

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